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Tindley Genesis Academy Mission & Scholar’s Creed


Tindley Genesis Academy, in cooperation with its parents and the broader community, will empower its students – regardless of their past academic performance – to become successful scholars who graduate with the capacity for rigorous middle school, high school and college opportunities.  Tindley Genesis will provide a powerful learning experience that intellectually engages, inspires, and spurs academic achievement through a challenging and interactive curriculum.

Scholar’s Creed

I am a Tindley Genesis Scholar who
Achieves academic excellence through the arts
I am on the path to college
and Tindley Genesis is where it starts.
I am responsible for my own actions
and never seek to place blame.
I demonstrate our values with ease
and encourage those around me to do the same:

We have ambition as we work to achieve great heights.
We show respect for ourselves, our family, community, and school
We have tenacity and never give up or lose sight
Scholarship in learning is our strongest tool.

I am a Tindley Genesis scholar.
I do not steal, cheat, or lie.
I always show that I am a leader
at school at home, and in my life.
Achieving greatness begins with me.
My journey to college just cannot wait.
I am a proud part of Tindley Genesis.
Each day I will achieve something great