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Tindley-1079Academic Life at Tindley Genesis 

Tindley Genesis is the one of the first elementary schools in Indiana to follow the Accelerated Schools model, which empowers students through academic rigor and inquiry-based instruction. Tindley Genesis is the first music-focused accelerated elementary in the state of Indiana

The curriculum at Tindley Genesis will have a strong focus on writing and mathematics. Meanwhile, daily student life will focus on building scholar identity among students—a process that includes rituals, routines, academic award ceremonies, presentations, and one-on-one conversations.

All students will have the opportunity to explore their ideas and advance their abilities in an environment that celebrates what it means to be a positive, self-confident individual and a successful scholar. In addition to our rigorous accelerated curriculum, students will be involved in the following.

Music Classes: Research proves that students involved in music have increased development and perform at a higher level than their non-musical peers on assessments and in the classroom. Students will have concentrated instruction in piano, world drumming, and other instruments and singing.

Performing Arts Class: This newly developed course integrates the skills used in singing, acting, and dancing to teach young scholars traits that will help them become successful in school, college, and life. These skills include: stage presence, self-confidence, projection, and professionalism.

Arts Programs with Professionals: Working with various Indianapolis arts organizations, Tindley Genesis provides a wide array of enrichment activities for our young scholars. Genesis scholars will have the opportunity to become involved with and learn from some of the best organizations our city has to offer.

Scholar/Parent Events: Tindley Genesis hosts a myriad of family-centered activities and events. Such events include Family Game Night, Literacy and Math Night, Scholastic Book Fair, and classes in the arts that can involve the parent as well as the scholar.